IMS – What I learned

DAY ONE – Elementary School Visit.

  • Drop off a computer at a school. 
  • Drop off iPad cases at a different school.
  • Fix a vice principals internet access on her mac. Only could do so by making the VP an admin to the computer, no clue why. 
  • Changed a schools AP.
  • Set up the schools AP.
  • Looked at the networking software to view everything about who’s on the network, even shows what AP they are connected to.
  • Viewed the server room of an elementary school.
  • Showed how users accounts are set up, and how they are managed in privileged “groups”.
  • Repaired a fax machine / scanner.
  • Set up the fax / scanner to send to their shared folder.
  • A program on the secretaries account wouldn’t open up unless we ran it as the tech account. We gave the secretary admin access to just that computer, and the program opened fine. 


  • Set up new laptops for the Assistant Super Intendants.
  • Delivered the Assistants Super Intendants laptops.
  • Set up those laptops to stay connected to external display when the laptop is shut. 
  • Found out that Apples Mini Display ports work on the new Dell Laptops 🙂
  • Gave the Assistant Super Intendants admin rights to their specific laptop
  • Re-Imaged computers
  • Shared one persons Outlook calendar with other people in Human Resources.
  • One user wouldn’t let us send the calendar to her, I figured out that she was still using mail1 and we changed her email address and it was then able to share with her.

DAY THREE – SurreySchools Website

  • Showed us the coding that composes of
  • Went to a meeting about having teachers do REQUIRED learning on before they are hired.
  • Showed us the server room at IMS
  • Talked about the app we are currently working on and how we can implement what they use on surreyschools to be implemented within our application.

AppDev – Genius hour half way point January 9th.

On January 9th, the class will be presenting their Genius hour projects in front of Administration, Staff, Parents, Other school faculty, Students, and others who choose to attend. To most of the students this is the conclusion to their Genius hour projects, some may choose to keep going on with what they want to do, others may drop it. I however just see this as a half way point. I chose to do this project because its something I wanted to do, I don’t see a point in ending it now. Why stop pursuing something you want just cause your time is “up”? Also with the idea in mind that I have this class again the following semester, so it will be a continuation of Genius hour while in that class again.

AppDev – Session 7

Today, I worked on the project on my own time. I know its almost been a month since I have blogged but the time within class had to go towards more important projects working on at hand, and had to put the App aside for a bit. I opened Xcode today just to take a look at what I could work on next. I noticed all the coding was all over the place and re organized everything. As well I gave new values to all of my ‘variables’ I guess you could call them, just to have it a little bit more organized and easier to work with. Upon fixing up making it look nice, I go to run the app to do a test login to make sure it was all still good. When I then typed into the admin account that it gave me an error. I then came to realize about 20 minutes later that the domain it had been pointing to had been shut down. Resulting in it not being able to connect to the server. When that was all dealt with I then realized that we hand’t accounted for the fact we have to have a ‘same’ username checker, so that people do not have the same username . This is currently what I am researching how to do, as this is a fairly important part to the signup process. I don’t want to continue onto what makes up the actual app after you login until I have everything before that perfectly polished, hoping to not encounter any errors in the future!

AppDev – Session 6

Session 6 was an important one. Figured out how to have the app size between a 3.5″ display, opposed to a 4″ display. This is very crutial as if I had continued coding as if it was a 4″ display it would create a lot of re-sizing and coding in the future. By doing this I had to learn how to use the autosizing feature within Xcode5.

AppDev – Session 5

Today, and much of last night I worked on actually making the back end coding for what would become just the log in script. In order to do this I was required to have the following done:

  • Website domain
  • Web hosting
  • myphpadmin set up
  • the php coding
  • and the coding itself within Xcode 

The code works, after about 10 minutes of debugging I got it to work, the app calls up information stored on my web space, through php, which then connects to my, myphpadmin database. 

AppDev – Session 4

This post will consist of the steps we need to take to complete our app. We believe this is the best order possible to have everything fall together and work seamlessly. 

  • Planning : Planning is the most important step for making anything, we have planned just about everything, from our app name, company name, colour schemes, as well as the layout for our app. Even this list is part of our planning for our app.
  • Graphics : We believe that if we have all of our graphics already made, we will be able to access them as they are needed in further steps of the app, and not have to make them as we need.
  • Server Access : Access to a server to store all the information is crucial. Our app revolves around the whole idea to be able to log in to your own account, so with out this access the whole app could not function.
  • LogIn/SignUp Screen : The first thing that comes up on the app for the first time would be the log in and sign up screen, therefor this must be done and functioning. As well we would need to make an account on our own app to be able to do test on the app. 
  • Learning the Coding : Everything after the log in screen will pretty much be user based, the app is customized to YOU.  There for coding is important because it will build the app basically.

Who I am working with?

As stated earlier in the blog I will be working with another person on this project. If you would like to see the project from his point of view from his own blog, you can check his out by clicking the following link.

AppDev – Session 3

Today, we finalized the name for our app, but its a secret 😉

As well, we have worked on finalizing our app icon, but still needs a little bit of tweaking. 

We have also finalized our “Company Name” which will be Sharp Point Industries. We chose this name for no real reasoning, since our app revolves around a school theme our icon will be a pencil, with a sharp point. Thus Sharp Point Industries. 

As well as doing all of this work, we have created our Xcode project…..


Let the coding begin….

AppDev – Session 2

Today, we started working on the design of the graphics that will be displayed within the app. Such as the class icons, navigational icons etc.  As well, looking around for resources to help us with the coding that will be necessary for this project. As well,  came up with the idea to start thinking of what the app shall be called, and company name etc. Although some of these processes are happening we are still constantly changing ideas, and refining them.

AppDev – Session 1

Today, we started our with our proposal. Then we continued to work on our design layout, and finalizing ideas as to how it will look and work in the end. We’ve thought about what coding language we will need to do this stuff. As well, we discussed what platform kids will be using more so within the actual school, for example our school has school iPads, so it would be smarter for us to design within an iPad